Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Registering Qt Creator as a Post-Mortem Debugger on Windows

When you install Qt Creator on Windows you are offered the chance to register it as a post-mortem debugger. This means, if your app should crash, you can launch Qt Creator to debug it. Very handy. However, if you forget to select this option when installing you can register it after the event from the command-line:

<CreatorDir>\bin\qtcdebugger -register

Note that you need to be an Admin user for this to work.

Thanks to Robert Löhning at Nokia for the top tip.

Qt Creator 1.3/Qt 4.6.0 Released

Yes, this post is a little late for the party, but you can get the new Qt SDK from here:

This version now ships with the MinGW 4.4 toolset which includes a faster compiler and generates better code.

Oh, and Qt have released a version of the 4.6.0 framework that is built using MS Visual Studio 2008. This means, if you have the relevant MS development tools installed, you can compile your apps using the MS compiler (which might generate even better, smaller code than MinGW but let's not get into that argument now...) This is useful as, previous to this release, you'd have to build an MS version of Qt yourself which was a PITA (it takes hours and gobbles disk space.)

All hail the Trolls!