Sunday, February 13, 2011

Long live Qt!

I use Qt for desktop development and am not terribly interested in mobile apps at the moment (and web-apps are a better idea in the vertical market where I work, which is a different toolset) so Nokia's decision to get into bed with Microsoft doesn't concern me in the short term. I think the best thing that could happen is for someone else to make Nokia an offer for Qt ... Intel or Google perhaps, or for the ex-Trolltech guys to strike out on their own. Either way I feel that Qt is the best choice for cross-platform desktop development and long may it continue.

I will try to update this blog more often, especially in light of the recent Nokia announcement.

BTW, I spent 6 months working at Nokia in 2010 and they really had to do something about their glaring lack of a decent smartphone. Whether the decision to adopt WP7 was the right one or not I guess only history will tell but I'm not optimistic and think that Microsoft swallowing Nokia whole is a distinct possibility. Let's hope Qt survives and thrives.


  1. I still don't understand why nokia gave away so much to microsoft, not only nokia will be selling phones with WP7, nokia management is being replaced by Microsoft managers.

    I think I have seen this movie before ...

  2. I'm worried about the future of Qt but let's be honest, with the exception of Creator and the LGPL license, Nokia didn't add a lot to desktop Qt. I never cared for QML.

    I feel sorry for the Qt guys at Nokia - they found out about this strategy change when the rest of us did.

    I just wish Nokia would be straight with us - their assertions that Qt is not dead and that they will release a MeeGo device contradict their commitments to Microsoft. Who is going to develop for a platform that was end-of-lifed before it was even released?

  3. Sorry for the off-topic comment.


    I saw your question about #include in a #define on stackoverflow. You mentioned that you found a solution without giving much details? Can you give some clues?

    Thanks a lot!