Sunday, July 19, 2009

Context-Sensitive Help

The Qt help is superb and makes the MSDN help in Visual Studio look like the dog we all know it is (every C++ developer knows that the MSDN has sucked since the MSVC 6 days). However, the context-sensitive help in Qt Creator doesn't always do what you'd expect. For example, if you have a #include selected, F1 will not display the relevant help page, which is a shame.

#include <QString>

Put your cursor between the braces and hit F1. I would expect the QString help page to appear, but instead I get No documentation available. Hardly the end of the world, but little touches like this would add even more shine to an already shiny IDE.


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  3. msdn sucks and msvc help system sucks? u mad? qtcreator help system is totally annoyin and half-useable. that is what sucks like sasha
    besides this stupid issue u mentioned, it even cant display help when there are ocassional mistakes in code (msvs just fixes them. simple is that)
    i transfered to msvs after just finishing first large qt project and it SHINES
    code completion works the way qtcreator can only dream and much more good stuff presents
    besides now i can use visual assist, that makes the gap in comfort of coding just even more infinitely large