Saturday, July 18, 2009

Support For Workspaces?

I'm not convinced about the Qt Creator support for 'sessions'. Currently, if I open a project and it depends on other projects, they won't be opened automatically, and the official advice is to use sessions to manage multiple projects. The problem is that these sessions are not stored in the root project folder and hence can't be added to your version control system. This is a pain. If I am working on a project that contains a number of different .pro files, another member of my team would need to create their own duplicate session in Qt Creator if they wanted to work on the same code.

I think either a simple 'workspace' or 'solution' concept is required that will group projects together, or a way of creating a session file that can be stored in the root folder and added to version control.

Note that that may be a way to do this by hand-editing your .pro files, but I haven't investigated this yet. I think the IDE should perform this task though...


  1. I agree. This is a must have for Qt Creator.

  2. Seconded. We have (VS2015) solutions with dozens of libraries in them with dependencies. I would like to support QtCreator but it is unrealistic to expect the 50 odd evelopers to all maintain sessions for themselves.