Monday, October 5, 2009

Qt Creator 1.2.90

There is a Qt Creator Technology Snapshot available - version 1.2.90. It's well worth upgrading. Goodies include #include completion and local symbol rename feature. You can also supply a template to use when creating new .cpp/.h files - the contents of the specified template file are inserted at the top of the file. I have a very simple one that adds the Subversion $Id$ tag. Very handy.


  1. Hi, I would be very glad to hear, how You did that trick with the $ID$ tag".
    How does one add default templates to the qcreator ?


    (sorry, missed the right link)

  2. OK, first create a text file on your PC somewhere and call it id.txt - the file should look like this:

    // $Id$

    Next, in Qt Creator, select Tools|Options and select the C++ page. In the 'License Template' field browse for the id.txt file you created earlier.

    That's it - the next time you create any .cpp/.h files in Qt Creator, the id.txt file contents will be added to the start of the file.

  3. really nice - thanks a lot Rob !
    I see I have to update from my 1.2.1 Version(the one that came with Ubuntu910), since this submenue is missing there....