Sunday, October 25, 2009

Unused Variables

Qt Creator will display unused variables in grey, which I absolutely love. For example:

Once the variable is referenced in the method, the colour will change:

It's little touches like this that make this product a joy to use.


  1. Is this in the 1.3 beta? I saw it demoed at the Dev days in Munchen but it does not appear to be present in 1.3b.

  2. I am using 1.2.93 - which is probably the latest nightly Windows build.

  3. is the color user configurable? if not, i'd like to vote for it being user configurable. i'll take my unused vars in BOLD RED, please!

  4. Ok I found the problem - I use the FakeVm (dark) color scheme and the 'unused occurances' type has not been set to a different color. If you change it to a different color or style it shows up.

    I also noticed that bold/italic options do not work in the case. Another bug?

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